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Design Ideas & Layout

We will meet with you and discuss your dream kitchen. Talk about your current kitchen and what can be done to improve and enhance it, all while being mindful of your budget and needs.


We'll help you decide on which countertops suit your needs, from durability and family needs to color, feel and style. Quartz, granite, laminate, and tile countertops are available to suit a variety of needs and styles.


There are a variety of choices to suit any budget and style. Options include refinishing existing cabinets with stains or laminate with replacement of doors and drawer fronts to match which could save hundreds or even thousands in some cases. Seemingly endless selections of door and drawer handle pulls can add to the function and appearance as well. Modular cabinets are available for tight budgets, while custom built cabinets made to your specifications are always available.

Flooring & Paint Schemes

With hundreds of flooring and paint scheme options out there we can help narrow down and work on a specific theme to match your existing kitchen or to go with your new remodel. Materials include anything from tile to vinyl to hardwood & laminate flooring.